5 Years Seizure-Free On Cannabis Oil Alone!

To the delight and joy of his family, Benjamin has gone 5 years seizure-free on cannabis oil alone. Many patients across the globe are finding similar relief. #loveweedOUTLOUD.

Benjamin Wann - 5 years seizure free on cannabis oil alone - #loveweedOUTLOUD

*This story is shared -with permission, of course, from Amber Wann, mother and cannabis activist, whose son Benjamin has been successfully using Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil in place of major pharma meds for seizures.

This is Benjamin’s Journey As Told by His Loving Mom, Amber

Past vs the here & Now!!! I would not be appreciative of this day without reflecting on the past, though looking back isn’t easy for me…

It’s actually quite painful to remember the day doctor’s told me, while I was pregnant with Benjamin & Bonnie, that “your son has cysts on his brain according to the ultrasound. The protein is high in your blood work so likely your son has a neural tube defect like spina bifida…”

Yet I was told the test was read wrong after a week of crying, researching, and thinking the worst – just to be told the tests didn’t account for Bonnie being along for the ride & the cysts went away.

Fast forward to 3yrs old

(Thanksgiving night 2004) Benjamin had the first seizures that lead to him losing his ability to walk for a couple of days, a weekend at Children’s Hospital, and a diagnosis of Epilepsy that forever changed our lives!

Doctors telling us to get our son a helmet and good luck with the meds, which turned him into a behavioral basket case overnight, causing all of his three sisters to cry daily, felt like a nightmare!

This was not a quality of life I had previously raised my children before anti-seizure meds & can’t even begin to express how out of control I felt as a mother learning all of this and still trying to be the mom each of my four kids needed!

Challenges and Setbacks

To this day I wonder if I could have been better or stronger, but not knowing the future & where we are today, there were days I admit that I lost hope…

Like when Benjamin was eight years old having a Tonic-Clonic seizure once a month for a year, leading up to a secondary form of epilepsy called ESES to take hold. By nine years old he lost his ability to speak overnight.

The rapid regression due to uncontrollable seizures & a cocktail of meds to stop it, created another challenge of the autistic-like tendency, that would lead to raging episodes which landed him in the ER because we didn’t know how to fight the behavioral side-effects from the meds again at an EPIC level…

After the ESES went away and a fight with doctors to change meds to give us our boy back, he had a year of speech therapy to learn to speak again. After 4yrs seizure-free on a reduced amount of meds (off protocol, but doctors agreed with my gut) was when Ben would be diagnosed with GRIN2A – at 13yrs old!

Though his EEG was still showing he was at risk for having seizures, I still got permission to wean him from all pharmaceuticals that he’d been on for a decade & we were pleased he stayed seizure-free for nearly 9 months before the seizures returned, 5yrs ago at Thanksgiving…

When the seizures returned for the last time, as usual, the onset was Thanksgiving, but the Tonic-Clonic seizures were coming like clockwork every 4 days & lasting 4 minutes long. Watching your 14yr old struggling to breathe, kicking & punching the air on their side while you pray they aren’t dying before your eyes is heart-wrenching to witness…

The Leap of Faith!

Doctors told me to put him back on his pharms, but my gut said “no”. After watching Zaki Jackson become seizure-free on Charlotte’s Web, I knew it was time to take the leap of faith!!! I waited out a snowstorm to drive to Colorado Springs & pick up Benjamin’s first bottle of Charlotte’s Web on 12/16/2015 at the Realm of Caring.

To this day, that’s all he takes (though he still remains “at-risk” in his EEG) he hasn’t had a single seizure in FIVE YEARS TODAY!!!

We ended up going down that glorious road. But it wasn’t for the faint of heart. Being reported to CPS by the school nurse before Christmas 2015, catapulted us into cannabis legislation – not knowing each day if Benjamin’s new cannabis oil was going to keep the seizures at bay.

We just wanted the right to have this for our son without any judgment or red tape…

Jack’s Law

Kids/School/Medication – We were proud to help pass Jack’s Law in 2016, so parents could bring medical cannabis on school grounds to administer.

The fight to get other kids like Benjamin better access to their life-saving medical cannabis, and have them remain on school grounds to be administered by medical professionals is still in the works for the 2021 legislative session.

#IStandWithBen #IStandWithMarley

Benjamin Is Thriving With Cannabis Oil!

So yeah looking back is bittersweet because we know the battles we had to face with our son to see him where he is today. He’s not only reaching his longest time of seizure-freedom but much more! This oil has given back to him, his ability to run & run with the burros, to connect with them & help others!

Benjamin Wann - 5 years seizure free on cannabis oil alone - #loveweedOUTLOUD
Jay Holland Photography

He is truly the happiest person in the world I know, like every day, all day! He is helpful, never complaining, and works hard! He loves his (after) High-school Bridge Program! He is working a part-time job! He is programing art he prints on his 3D printer, and most recently an entire life-sized Star Wars helmet!

I didn’t know we’d get to this place with Benjamin & it’s been a blessing to see his brain healing right before our eyes with a plant that is still misunderstood by many. I thank God for cannabis & giving me a chance to see my son reaching higher potential year after glorious year! Enjoy the photos of him running burros this year!

The Betty Jane Project and our patient community appreciate your story, Ann, Benjamin, and Family. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your continued journey with Cannabis Oil!


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