A New Beginning with Medical Cannabis and CBD

Medical Marijuana and CBD, is it really a chance at a new beginning? Patients say it’s so!

A New Beginning - Patient Spotlight

A Brief Intro

This next story comes from a US Veteran and family friend. I won’t really get into much more detail due to a privacy request, but he gave us a quick summary of his journey for now.

Thank you for your testimony, Sir. I have faith that one day soon, we will all be able to shout our success stories from the mountaintops without risk. Until then, we carry on. #loveweedOUTLOUD



A New Beginning

Hello, I’m a 39-year-old US Military Veteran with more injuries than I can count. From my back to my knee, from PTSD to Insomnia. I have been prescribed medication after medication, including opiates, SSRI’s, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety, and so on.

Cannabis Plant

I was lost and at a devastatingly low point in my life. The struggle and perpetual cycle of pop a pill, go numb, pop a pill, escape, pop a pill, go to bed took its toll. My weight increased, and I shut down emotionally. Quickly becoming a mere shell of myself, I pushed family and friends away, and I flirted with the darkness.

After researching alternative options and exploring the multitude of benefits from cannabis, I am not only healthy today, but I can enjoy running again! Up until 3 months ago, I hadn’t run in 11 years.

I fully credit CBD and Medical Marijuana for completely giving me MY LIFE back.

-Anonymous MMJ Patient

Discrete Testimonials

Unfortunately, the desire for some patients to remain anonymous is necessary and due to the negative impact that (even as medically recognized patients) federal prohibition has on patient’s lives.

The Betty Jane Project and our patient community appreciate your story. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your continued journey MMJ!


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