An Easy High THC Canna-Honey Recipe

Making canna-honey is the same process as making the hemp honey in this recipe. The biggest difference is in the decarboxylation process. THC needs less time to decarb than CBD. However, in this recipe, we will be infusing organic honey with cannabis flower. So, you’ll need to decarb your cannabis flower (or trim) before moving on the the next steps. Here is how to decarboxylate cannabis flower for THC edibles.

The Materials

medicated honey

Once your decarb process is complete, gather the rest of your items and let’s begin. Here is what you’ll need.

*measurements can be adjusted to suit your individual needs as far as potency.

The Instructions

  • First, wrap decarbed cannabis in cheesecloth and tie it off with a string to keep the plant material inside.
  • Then, place the cheesecloth into the jar, pour in the 2 cups of honey, and put the lid on the jar.
  • Now you will put the mason jar into the crock-pot and pour water into the pot until its level is above that of the honey, but not the entire jar.
  • Next, put a lid on the crock-pot and warm the jar of honey on a low setting for 4-8 hrs.
  • After the time is up, turn off the crock-pot and carefully remove the hot jar and allow it to cool.
  • Once your honey has cooled, remove the cheesecloth and squeeze out all that amber sweetness into your jar.
  • Finally, place the lid on your mason jar and store it in the refrigerator when not in use.

*Check on your honey every few hours to make sure there is not too much pressure on the jar. You can carefully, slightly open and then re-close the jar to release excess pressure.

* Make use of the hemp infused honey that remains behind. You can steep the leftover cheesecloth into a cup of hot tea for a deliciously potent beverage.

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